Free College Education

After gaining the experience of 27 years in the field of social sector, in 2017 SPEECH and WISE has Initiated a Mega Project for orphans & children of underprivileged families to reduce poverty & Unemployment.

In this Particular project SPEECH is financially supporting more than 180 orphans & deserving talented students every year with the help of its Directors / Valuable sponsors & provides free books, bags, uniforms, stationary & lunch. These students get free college education & skill training’s from Wise College. After becoming skillful Wise helps SPEECH sponsored students to earn money and achieve their ultimate destination.

You can financially support children of underprivileged families and orphans, for free college education. The cost of per student per month is Rs.10,000 for 2 years. This amount does not include rent (approx. 4 crores per annum) of the purpose-built building spreading over 10 kanals, which has been donated by Vice-President SPEECH for this noble cause. SPEECH requires continuous support in this regard from the Generous People with the help of two ways.

I)- Sponsor a student Rs.2,40,000 for 2 years.
II)- Any amount as General Donations for this noble cause.

These Generous people like you are not only sponsoring our deserving students but also supporting them till their destination (placement) and makes arrangements for their job placement or help in self employment (Business Startup).

  • Total Students
  • Cost per student per month
  • Cost per student for 2 years
  • 180 students total cost for 2 years
  • 180
  • Rs. 10,000
  • Rs. 2,40,000
  • Rs. 43,200,00

Eligible Students

  • Students belong to poor families with high grades in matric.
  • Students who will qualify entry test and panel interview.
  • Students whose parents will fully cooperate with SPEECH.

Impact of the Program

  • High Achievers but financially handicaped students will get Intermediate education and skill trainings with jobs.
  • Networking of students with philanthropists, Industry and Stakeholders.
  • A child will helps in supporting his/her poor family by getting earning opportunities.

Why should you Adopt a student?

  • For your inner satisfaction for contributing in reducing the poverty level or our country.
  • For your contribution for 2 years, will help in bringing out the student from poverty and establishing them for their whole life.
  • Your sponsored students can be an efficient Employ for you, who will be an asset for your organization.

We Provides

College Education

Free Uniforms

Books & Stationary

Free Lunch